2010 Hockey Betting – The Do’s

There are a lot of ways to make money during major sporting events. If you’re a supplier you need a contract with the organization. If you’re an athlete you need sponsorship. But if you’re a Regular Joe how are you supposed to make money at say… the Winter Olympics Games in Vancouver this year?

Well why not try your hand at betting down a bet on the Olympic Hockey Tournament:

Here’s what to do:

1. Pick a team that you enjoy watching. It’s not all about the money. If you chose a team you hate you’ll be conflicted while watching each game. That’s no fun. Pick a team or a player you genuinely like and go with it. Don’t change horses mid-stream or anything like that.

2. Hedge your money down on a few different option in each game. There’s always more than 1 way to bet.

3. Play for small odds. Big winnings mean big risks. If you’re comfortable with losing a stack of dosh then great! But you can be right to be cautious.

4. Play props. No not the rugby position. Prop bets can mean most goals in the tournament or least PKs. Anything can be bet on and these are often a lot more fun than simply betting on the winner of the Gold Medal. They add a new dimension to olympic hockey betting.

Finally, be sure to stay away from Canada. The fable Red and Whites are pretty much guaranteed to mess up their chances at the 11th hour somehow. Even if you don’t know how they’ll do it. Just trust that they will.

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