2010 Olympics – Hockey Tournament 101

먹튀사이트Many of the events at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics will hold little interest for most viewers around the world. Somehow it’s a little difficult to get all riled up about the ice dancing or the Short Track speed skating. It would hardly have been better if the women’s Ski Jumping had been allowed. But thank goodness we don’t have that on the timetable as well. It does drag on.

Fortunately, we do have the 2010 Olympic Hockey Tournament to look forward to! Here’s what you need to know:

1. Canada are overrated. They may be at a home Olympics but this could hurt them more than it helps them. If you’ve got a beer riding on the Gold Medal then maybe think about betting elsewhere.

2. Finland and Sweden are underrated. These two teams are likely medals thieves. With some amazing players coming out of both and returning from NHL injuries look for them to make a late charge at the Gold.

3. The Russians are scary. Malkin, Ovechkin, they’re good. They’re very very good. Money on the Russians to make the playoff rounds is virtually guaranteed. They have a good draw and no injuries problems will see them challenge anyone in the competition. Probably the 2nd favourites alongside the Canucks.

4. Team USA has Ryan Miller. I mean, they do have other players as well. But Ryan Miller is the Heart and Soul. In big tournaments you need a great netminder and Miller has proven himself this year to be the best in the league. Bar none. That’s right, forget Luongo and Brodeur and Fleury, Miller is the real deal. And in 2010 he’ll get his chance to prove his metal.

5. Don’t discount the underdogs. Belarus and Germany could still pull out something special and snake a medal. Just look at the Swiss int he IIHF Juniors. Anything is possible.

Remember to keep an open mind with your Olympic hockey betting, nothing says loser like backing your home country. Be aware that national loyalties are not the best way to be in front of the pack.

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