4 creative ways to make your own weighted blanket

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Many people use weighted blankets like this one from YnM to help themselves fall asleep faster and reduce anxiety.

YnM If you have trouble sleeping, I’d be surprised if you haven’t looked into weighted blankets yet. They’ve been used to soothe children with autism, treat ADHD, ease anxiety and mitigate insomnia due to a technique called deep pressure touch or deep pressure stimulation, similar to what happens during massage therapy. 

There are tons of these heavy blankets on the market and a handful of intriguing research studies showing that they really do work: People have reported feeling less anxious when using a weighted blanket, and others have reported getting better sleep. 

Too bad weighted blankets can cost you upward of $100. 

If you don’t want to hand over that much cash for a blanket, 출장타이마사지 you can try a budget-friendlier option that’s tried and true for everything from birdhouses to blackout curtains: Make your own. 

Ready to snuggle up? Here are four creative ways to make your own weighted blanket.

Not into DIY? Learn how to choose the best ready-made weighted blanket for you and check out the best weighted blankets to buy.

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