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Today’s posting show that al Qaeda knows the author’s name and what he looks like

(CBS News) Al Qaeda has wasted no time in calling for the death of the former Navy SEAL who has written a book under a pseudonym which his publisher Dutton calls a first person account of the death of Osama…


(CBS/AP) ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Pakistan has charged Osama bin Laden’s three widows with illegally entering and living in the country, the interior minister said Thursday. The three women have been in Pakistani detention since May last year, when U.S. commandos raided the house where they, bin Laden and several of their children were staying. The commandos shot and killed bin Laden, and then buried his body at sea. More in The killing of Osama bin Laden Rehman Malik said the three had been charged in court, but he did not say when. It was unclear if they had a lawyer. He said their children were free to leave Pakistan, but could stay with their mothers for the duration of the trial.


Bin Laden wife says she lived in hideout 6 years

ISLAMABAD – One of three wives living with Osama bin Laden told Pakistani interrogators she had been staying in the al Qaeda chief’s hideout for six years, and could be a key source of information about how he avoided capture…

Minka Kelly, one of those new “Charlie’s Angels,” is a red-carpet up-and-comer and that meant she got to wear a navy blue-and-black gown with long lace sleeves and a lace inset at the waist by Dior

(CBS/AP) Lea Michele and Julianna Margulies shot for red-carpet fashion heights with their statement gowns at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, but not all the fashion risk-taking paid off as theirs did. Margulies took the biggest risk in a strapless Giorgio…

get from them if they are, in fact, interrogated? Former CIA Operations officer Charles Faddis told “Early Show” co-anchor Erica Hill Wednesday U.S

American officials are still awaiting access to the three widows of Osama bin Laden, who have been in Pakistani custody since the raid that killed the al Qaeda leader. But what information could the U.S. get from them if they…

I don’t want to hear it

Tony Bennett makes 85 look like the new 55. The legendary crooner celebrated his milestone birthday with a star-studded concert at the Metropolitan Opera House on Sunday, looking youthful and spry as he performed for more than an hour without…

{Mahmoud Ahmadinejad drops clue about Robert Levinson, ex|I think there (are) still opportunities for the Iranian government to help us,” Daniel tells CBS News|(CBS News) There may be a break this morning in the search for retired FBI agent Robert Levinson|As CBS News walked through Times Square with Christine Levinson and her son Daniel, neither of them were prepared to see the face of Robert Levinson staring back from an electronic billboard|Watch a preview from that interview below.) CBS News has learned that the Iranian leader may have the answers to the mystery that has consumed Levinson’s family| “When this first happened, I expected him to be home in a couple of days,” says his wife|Levinson, pale and gaunt, being held somewhere, and pleading for help.



(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON – Most U.S. and coalition combat units in Afghanistan have returned to their practice of partnering with Afghan forces, nearly two weeks after the top U.S. commander put restrictions on such arrangements, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday….

She wore a veil as do many women in northwest Pakistan, but spoke the local language like a native

ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan – For pediatrician Mehar Dil Wazir, they were a normal bunch of kids, like the dozens of others he treats daily for tummy upsets, coughs and colds. He thought the same about the two men who brought them…