Is Xbox 360 pro the same as Xbox 360 arcade

The xbox 360 pro is almost exactly the same as the arcade, but it comes with a hard drive, when the arcade doesn’t and the arcade has an hdmi slot.

What is the difference between xbox 360 pro and xbox 360 arcade?

The Xbox 360 arcade does no include a hard drive. The Xbox 360 pro does.

share: What is the difference between a Xbox 30 pro and Xbox 360 arcade?

an xbox 360 arcade only has a memory card free but the xbox pro has a 60gb HDD.

share: Should you get a Xbox 360 pro or a Xbox 360 arcade?

a xbox 360 pro because it has way better features!!!

share: Can you use Xbox 360 harddrives with Xbox 360 arcade?

of course you can use with arcade,pro,and elite! (:

share: Which Xbox is better Xbox 360 Xbox Pro or Xbox arcade?

I have an Xbox 360 Pro it can play classic Xbox game discs and it comes with a 60G hard drive and mic, the arcade doesnt do any of that.

share: Does a Xbox 360 play ncaa football 2006 for Xbox?

on xbox 360 Pro, & Elite u can play any xbox game,, but u cant on the 360 arcade on xbox 360 Pro, & Elite u can play any xbox game,, but u cant on the 360 arcade

share: Is the Xbox 360 arcade better in any way than the Xbox pro?

They are the same only the arcade doesn’t come with HDMI cables, HD cables, a headset or a hard-drive. Pro does.

share: Can an Xbox 360 120gb go into a Xbox 360 pro?

Yes, a 120gb can go into an elite, arcade or pro.

share: Is Xbox 360 arcade smaller than Xbox 360 pro?

No. They are both the same size, one just has more memory than the other.

share: Is it good to put a harddrive on a arcade xbox 360?

NEVER PUT A HARDDRIVE ON A XBOX 360 ARCADE you should have bought the xbox 369 pro

share: What is the difference between a Xbox 360 core and Xbox 360 arcade?

Xbox 360 arcade replaced the Core in stores, in october 27 2007 the xbox core and arcade are mostly the same but the arcade came with 250 mb memory card and it comes with five free arcade games ok An Xbox 360 pro or elite both have hard drives (Pro 60gb and Elite 120gb except for special edition elite which can have 250gb) but the arcade does not have a hard drive.. It only has… Read More

share: What is the Xbox 360 pro and the arcade?

They are different versions of Xbox 360s. The arcade has games that come with it while i think the pro has more memory.

share: Can you play halo and Halo 2 on the Xbox 360 arcade?

No, but you can on Xbox 360 pro, or elite.

share: Can you play regular Xbox 360 games on an Xbox 360 arcade?

Yes, you can play regular xbox 360 games on an arcade unit. The difference in between the arcade unit and the pro system is the pro system comes with a hard drive to save game data/videos/etc.

share: How much to sell a Xbox 360 for with 3 controllers and 2 games?

what kind of xbox 360 arcade? elite? pro? well if arcade 169.99 pro 189.99 elit 200.00

share: What is the difference between an Xbox 360 and an Xbox 360 pro?

u need to describe wut xbox 360 ur talking about on the first xbox 360, there is the pro,arcade,elite, and they’re coming out with the slim xbox

share: Can you play Halo 2 on the x-box 360 arcade without the hard drive?

As far as I know, you can’t play Halo 2 on a Xbox 360 Arcade. The Xbox 360 Arcade can NOT play regular Xbox games. To play Halo 2 on your 360, you’ll either need to: A): Get a Xbox 360 Pro or Elite Hard Drive somehow, or B): Buy a new Xbox 360 Pro or Xbox 360 Elite

share: What color is the xbox arcade?

The xbox 360 arcade is basically all white and the difference between the arcade and the pro is that the pro has a silver disk drive. The Elite is all black.

share: Is the Xbox 360 pro better than the Xbox 360 arcade?

if you play games alot you get a nice hard drive with it. arcade does not get a hard drive

share: Does Xbox 360 Arcade play all Xbox 360 games with the same high quality as the other types of Xbox 360’s available such as the Pro or the Elite?

Elite is better because it has BIGGER harddrive space and it also comes with a headset and a wireless controller but all versions of the xbox 360 have the same hardware, chips. Also games on Xbox 360 can be used fopr arcade

share: What is the difference between the Xbox 360 arcade and the Xbox 360 pro?

Hard drive and HDMI cables.

share: What is the difference between a Xbox 360 and a Xbox 360 arcade?

The arcade comes with a few arcade games, no hard drive but a memory card instead. you don’t get high definition cables with arcade. with the pro gives you everything needed to start an xbox 360 ADVENTURE

share: What is the difference between Xbox 360 arcade and Xbox pro?

with the arcade you get a 256 mb memory card on the pro you get a 60GB HDD, Ethernet cable,headset

share: Can you use a 120 GB memory on a Xbox arcade?

Yes you can, the xbox arcade game is just an xbox 360 pro, without the hard drive in the box.

share: Will the price of the xbox 360 arcade go down?

They may just remove the arcade entirely, and make the Pro the main 360.

share: What is the difference between the xbox 360 pro and the xbox 360 arcade?

Microsoft says the difference between the standard (not elite) and arcade is: There is a difference in hard drive size Xbox 360 Arcade cannot play ALL original xbox games. Arcade comes with arcade games such as Uno Arcade is cheaper By pro i believe you mean “elite console”. The elite console is black, not white and has a MASSIVE hard drive. But the elite is very expensive. I would go for the standard.

share: How is a xbox 360 pro diffe rent from the other xbox 360?

pro is more updated than arcade but elite and slim and even more updated and better

share: What is the difference of an Xbox 360 pro and an Xbox 360 arcade?

Pro( I own it): Has 60 gigabyte memory, comes with a headset, has a standard/ Hd cable, can play 300+ original xbox games, also plays Xbox 360 games. Comes with Ethernet cable. around 250 Us Dollars Arcade: 256 megabyte memory( not enough to play halo 3 on an Arcade!) no headset, standard cable, no Ethernet, Only plays Xbox 360 games. 200 dollars My opinion( and many of my friends too) think the Arcade is well…a… Read More

share: What is the difference between xbox 360 arcade and xbox 360 pro?

Pokeman11216: Xbox 360 Arcade is the cheapest 360 console. It comes with 1 controller and 512 MB in memory. Plus a standard AV cable. Xbox 360 Pro is moderate towards expense. It has 1 controller,60GB in memory,a wired headset,Standard and HD AV cables,and an Ethernet cord.

share: Does the Xbox 360 elite have better graphics than the Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 Elite, in the opinion of many, has better graphics than the Xbox 360 Pro, and the Xbox 360 Arcade Slim is said to have even better graphics.

share: How much money does a Xbox 360 cost?

Well it depends on the type of xbox 360 Arcade- $199.99 Pro- $299.99 Elite- $399.99

share: Does the xbox 360 arcade have a built in memory?

Xbox 360 pro(white) yes xbox360 Elite(black) IDK-I don’t know

share: How much does an xbox 360 pro cost in America?

The pro costs $200. The arcade is $99 and the elite is $300.

share: Does the Xbox 360 pro come with a Hard drive?

i think it does because the arcade has no hardrive with it.

share: Does a Xbox 360 arcade come with a hard drive?

It does not come with one, Pro and Elite do.

share: How much is a Xbox 360 with out any games?

well, they all are the same price with or without the games. arcade- $199 Pro- $299 Elite- $399

share: What is the difference between the regular xbox 360 and the xbox 360 pro?

The Xbox 360 Pro comes with a bigger Hard drive (GB). Also the Xbox 360 Pro usually comes with 2 games when you buy it. Please note that game play is the exact same between Xbox 360, Xbox 360 pro, And Xbox 360 elite.

share: How much cost PS3 and Xbox 360 in Dubai?

ps3 is $489.96 or $462.74 and xbox 360 arcade is $204.15 and xbox 360 pro is $271.93 and elite is $381.08 all an be found at carrefore city centre!

share: Can you play old Xbox 360 games on the Xbox 360 elite?

haha are you joking? the elite is an xbox 360, only difference is its blak, oh and it has a 120GB HDD. just like the arcade the core and the pro.

share: Could you put a Xbox 360 pro hard drive on a Xbox 360 arcade?

yes you can go to game stop but if it has the red ring of death don’t put it in

share: Can you play all Xbox games on Xbox 360?

yes, but you can’t on the arcade system. You need a pro or an elite to play original xbox games

share: If you still have a Xbox how much will it be now?

This is (kevXD) If you’re talking about an Xbox 360 … Arcade= $200 Pro=$300 Elite=$400

share: Can you play a Xbox game on Xbox360?

You can play normal xbox games on an xbox 360 pro or elite. You can not play normal xbox games on the xbox 360 arcadeThe pro is the xbox that is white with crome on the front of the disk tray , the arcade is the all white one and the elite is the black xbox360.

share: Where offline can the video game controller called Real Arcade Pro EX for the Xbox 360 be purchased?

When looking to purchase the video game controller called Real Arcade Pro EX for the Xbox 360 offline you will want to look at places such as GameStop, BestBuy, ToyRUs, Target, and Walmart.

share: Can you buy an Xbox 360 arcade and use the 20 gig hard drive from your busted Xbox 360 pro?

All Xbox 360’s are basically designed to use a hard drive, so an arcade version can definitely use a 20 Gig hard drive, but if you may have to recover your gamertag.

share: Can Xbox games be played on Xbox 360?

Yes. On a Pro and Elite console.But if you want to on an arcade consolo you Must buy a hard drive.

share: What is the difference between an Xbox 360 pro bundle and an Xbox 360 arcade?

The Xbox 360 Pro Bundle comes with a hard drive(20 Gigabytes originally but these days a 60 GB) and a chrome disk drive cover, with other accessories like a headset, Control Remote, Wireless Controller. The Xbox 360 Arcade doesn’t come with a hard drive and has a white disk drive cover, no headset, wired controller, no control remote, but it has arcade games with it for example sonic the hedgehog, pacman etc. If you get… Read More

share: Does the Xbox 360 come with a harddrive?

Yes. arcade is 30gb (i think) pro is 60gb and elite is 120 gb

share: Which is better xbox 360 elite or premium?

Well, The Elite is a 120gig Hard drive as the Premium/Pro is only 60. They are essentially the same other than that and the Color. Elite is black or Red and the Premium/Pro/Arcade is White

share: At walmart can you buy an Xbox 360 pro YES or no?

yes at some walmarts you can but some you can only buy the arcade and elite

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