Kids Outdoor Games And Activities – Get Back To Nature!

In this day and age of computer games and television, some fun kids outdoor games and activities are what we need to get our kids physically fit and active.Kids these days are hooked on to Television and Video games.

A little bit of fresh air can provide huge health benefits. Here are some fun games and outdoor activities for children that your preschooler will enjoy.1. Have a neighbourhood Bug or Insect HuntHere is an outdoor activity for a warm sunny afternoon. When you are out on a neighbourhood walk with your little one, try this game.

Its easy to begin by trying to find simple things like “Who can point to a birds nest first?” Simple games like this one are enough to get a preschooler all excited.2. Create A MapIf you are out camping with your preschooler there are plenty of fun kids outdoor games and activities that you can do.

Try this one of making a map.After a bit of hiking, indoor jungel gym sit your preschooler down with some crayons and a paper and ask them to draw a map of where you have walked and landmark you have seen. You will be amazed to see and listen to a preschoolers view of things.You don’t have to restrict this kind of activity to camping alone.

Try this even on a simple walk back from from your neighbourhood with your little one and it is still a fun activity.3. Duck Duck GooseIf you plan to entertain few little guests outdoors, this is one of the most popular traditional kids outdoor games that they can play.Ask the kids to sit down, facing inwards, forming a circle.

One of the kid is chosen to be the “It”. The “It” is supposed to walk around the outer side of the circle, tapping on each kids head, and calling out, “duck” or “goose”The “duck” stays put, and the “goose” is supposed to stand up and chase the “It”” around the circle. The “goose” has to tag the “It” before he or she can sit on the empty spot in the circle left behind by the new “goose”If the “goose” tags the “It”, then they can sit back in the empty spot and if the “goose” cant’ tag the “It”, they become the new “It”.Where as if the “It” manages to reach and sit on the empty spot in the circle, the “goose” then become the new “It”.These are just few of fun kids outdoor games which kids can enjoy playing.

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