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As an attorney, your image and quality of work is reflected through your appearance, demeanor, and even in the legal office supplies you keep. Attorneys are seen as professional, adept, and knowledgeable, and when an attorney takes on a case they are expected to do quality work. Even the type of office supplies in an attorney’s office can reflect their status, and many people do not realize that how you organize your office makes a difference in how people see you. If, for example, you have folders and papers piled upon your desk when a client comes to you, whether you know it or not, you are showing that client that you are disorganized. Some people would say that having the files and papers there makes you look hard working, but there are better ways to show you’re hard working – and an organized clean office does this.

When dealing with clients you want to show them that you are professional and pay attention to detail. A great way to do this is to custom pick the type of paper you will use. Most often people think that paper is just paper, but when it comes to legal office supplies using different types of paper is a must – because every assignment requires a different style of paper. Engraved letterhead paper is important to make a good first impression on a client, and this comes in a variety of styles. This stationary comes with the name of the firm, address, office phone, fax, and email in the center at the very top (the names and numbers of the attorneys are also provided at the top). Two other good stationary items to have on hand are statements and memo cards, and these can be personalized as well.

Other types of office supplies used for legal interactions include envelopes, Will Supplies covers, business cards, manuscript covers, mailing labels, presentation folders, and cover strips. Wills are a very important part of an attorney’s life because many of their cases deal with overseeing a deceased family member’s estate. So, it is important for the Will covers and envelopes to look professional. A good example of an organized, professional Will cover is a white leather personalized cover where the name of the firm, address, and phone number are engraved on the bottom of the cover. Legal office supplies can say a lot about an attorney, and it is important that, as an attorney, you give a professional impression to potential clients, colleagues, and business partners.

First impressions do count and the excellent engraving of our executive and professional stationery always speak with the correct quiet dignity you can count on. That’s why so many professionals select from the outstanding quality of Legalcraft stationery. Stationery that projects your image… your way.

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