Live Roulette

먹튀검증There is not a secret that such popular casino game as roulette can be played via a live dealer online. This version of roulette is adapted to be played on different operating systems like Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Since the internet becomes more popular many online casinos offer casino games for real money or for just playing for fun. In a few words Live Roulette Online means playing roulette online via your computer with live dealers. The main difference between them is that the results of the online live game are from a real live casino with its live dealer. The usual RNG (Random Number Generated) casinos offer only “casino computer game” environment, where results are generated with a random number generator.

Live online roulette can be played both on your internet browser and on a casino application you down load from an online casino. The Java-Flash based applications can be used with a wide range of operating systems. Another advantage of them is that they do not need any installation in order to run. These Java based applications run from most any computer operating system. They can be run from Mac OSX, Windows XP/Vista, and Linux based computers.

The main principle of playing live roulette is in two main areas where player interfaces with the dealer to place your bets and keep track of your results. A main area shows the live video feed for you to see the dealer. It works in real time. Some live casinos use live sound stream where the dealers can talk to you as well as via online chat. Since you cannot physically place your bets, there is a special graphical representation of the roulette board where you make a bet on the number or position of your bets. The table limits are also different at each casino.

Since there are two main variations of roulette, there are also two most prominent versions of Live Online Roulette. They are European and American version. The only difference between them is the amount of green zeros off-board. American roulette has two zeros and European roulette has only one. It means that the players’ winning odds are higher in the European version more than in the American version. That’s why live dealer roulette games based on the European version of roulette are most popular.

As it was mentioned above the winning odds at roulette depend on your every bet on the board. European roulette has 37 possible outcomes of a bet. In this case the highest payout is called Straight up and it is paid 1:35. The house edge here is 2 out of 37 and in percentage it is 5.4%. In theory the casino receives 5.4% of each bet.

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