Principles of the Oiler System of Horse Race Betting

The Oiler System of pari-mutuel betting has not changed in principle. It varies in localities only in its application. In some sections of Australia and New Zealand a bet to win also carries a bet to place and sometimes to show. The larger share, 60 to 70 per cent, is allocated to the win pool and the balance to the place and show pools, but all the money bet on a race, less legal deductions, is divided among holders of winning tickets on the race.

The operation of the system was somewhat crude in the beginning. Oiler prepared stacks of tickets for each horse in a race. In order to keep the various stacks of tickets separated, he fashioned a series of compartments in a crude wooden box. In compartment Number 1, all tickets in the stack bore the large number 1; in compartment Number 2, all the tickets in the stack bore the number 2; and so on.

The next thing necessary was to identify the race on each ticket. Eventually he added the number of the race to the ticket number and consequently had to have separate stacks of tickets for each race. As time went on, he consecutively numbered the tickets in each stack in smaller figures and gradually made other improvements. For purposes of keeping a running record of ticket sales on each horse in a race, he devised hand-operated tallying machines which also recorded the total sales on all horses in a race. Its operation was similar to that of the modern hand tally clock but on a larger scale.

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