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Some companies that make laptops tailor-made for gamers include Hewlett-Packard, Samsung and Dell (under the Alienware brand). In addition, there are companies such as Novatech that build gaming laptops in accordance with an individual’s specifications. Is PC for gaming? It can be for gaming, if you buy the right computer with enough ram and a good prossessor but not all pc are for gaming such as most laptops but they do make some gaming laptops……:) What are good brands that make gaming laptops? ASUS (republic of gamers) laptops Alienware Razer (razer blade) Who makes apple laptops? Apple contracts with different Chinese companies to make their laptops, such as ASUS and Quanta.

Of note, these are some of the same companies that make everyones laptops. What is a good gaming laptop and what would the price be? A good gaming laptop would be about $750-$1800 for a Dell Alienware brand laptop. They look cool I was going to buy one but I found out that they get a lot of problems. So I looked at the Toshiba gaming laptops but they looked kind of ugly I think but you can customize some I did that I love my new gaming laptop. You go to the Toshiba website and then find the customizable…

Are Macs or Gateway laptops better for gaming? Many people prefer Microsoft Windows computers to Macs for gaming, and Gateway laptops run Windows. Make sure you install high-quality video cards and update your computer to the newest version of Windows for optimal gaming. What companies make waterproof laptops? Although technology is helping companies to make new laptops more durable, they are not waterproof.

However, covers for the keyboard and the screen that will protect them from spills can be bought. What some of things that make laptops suddenly go off during gaming? you run out of battery What company is laptop form? Several companies make laptops. Name at least 20 companies that make laptop computers? No, because there is only 6 companies that actually MAKE laptops. They are ASUS, Twinhead, Clevo, Samsung, LG, and there is one more that i cant think of. This is as far as i know all the companies that actually make laptops.

Dell, HP, Apple and many other companies hire out the work to build their laptops and they make their own desktops IE apple hires asus to make its mac books. Which companies make cheap notebooks? There are several brands that make laptops in all price ranges. Companies that have cheaper laptops for sale are Toshiba, Acer, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Packard Bell and HP. What notebook laptops does Dell make? Dell does not call any of its non-desktop PCs a “notebook.” Generally a notebook and a laptop are the same.

It makes Inspiron laptops and ultrabooks, the XPS ultrabook, and Alienware gaming laptops. American made laptops? There are several companies that make laptop computers in the USA. Systemax is one. ZT Systems also makes and supports their notebooks in America. They are both as good as the big names, but they are made by American workers. I’ve added a link below that lists some of the companies that make American laptops and where to buy them.

What type of features make up a good gaming laptop? There are a number of features that make up a good gaming laptop. Some of the features that make up a good gaming laptop are a fast processor, a gaming video card, and lots of RAM. Which brands make the best notebook laptops? Best notebooks are made by companies that have history in making laptops and small laptops, as a bachelor of IT, id say that the best netbooks are made by Lenovo. Although Dell makes better laptops than any other company.

Asus EePC is good quality for the money they charge for the netbook. What companies manufacture laptops in pink? Most of the time, if a company makes laptops in different colors, the make them in pink. Luckily, it’s a popular color. Dell, Sony, Acer, Toshiba and Samsung all make pink laptops. What are some makes of cheap gaming computers? A lot of big electronic companies make cheap gaming computers. Samsung and Sony do.

Other companies who don’t have expensive electronics and also sell cheap gaming computers are for example Asus and Acer. What are the best companies that make lightweight laptops? There are many companies that make lightweight laptops. One well known but rather expensive option would be the MacBook Air from Apple. If you want to buy a PC-based laptop then you could look at ASUS or Sony laptops. Both have a lot of different lightweight laptop models available.

Does Acer Aspire 7520-5757 Laptop Computer have good fps for wow? No. My sister has the same laptop and she let me try wow on it. It wouldn’t run good at all! EDIT ASUS makes excellent gaming laptops, as does alienware. You have to make sure you get a good video card in it. Why did they make Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games? Why do gaming companies need reasons to make games, I guess they wanted to make a spin off series with both companies’ mascots to celebrate the olympics.

What companies are in the gaming industry? The largest company that has chosen to step into the gaming industry is Microsoft. Then there is the Wii with Nintendo and possible next in line the PS3 with Sony. Other than that there are hundreds of companies that actually make the games for the consoles and PC. Where can one buy a docking station for a laptop? Docking stations for laptops are readily available in electronic stores or even supermarkets.

Stores such as Argos and PC World have a good selection either from the same laptop companies or from companies who make accessories for multiple machines. What Laptops are good for technology? laptops are good for a technology room because you can get that specific part in technology classes that you in particular have to make up and that is why they are good in that specific area in a technology classroom. What about alienware laptops make them geared primarily towards gaming? Alienware laptops are geared towards gamers because they have a high resolution for graphics and extremely fast processor speed that games need to run on.

They are also available to customize to the gamers needs. Are IBM lenovo laptops a good make? Yes, the IBM Lenovo laptops are a great make. This company has a very strong recognition and very good management. Many people would confirm that it’s a great make as well. Which companies make ultra portable laptops? Tech Radar recently published an article listing the top 25 ultra portable laptops. Among the top 10 companies were: Lenovo (IdeaPad U410), Toshiba (Satellite Z930), HP (Envy TouchSmart), and Apple (MacBook Air).

Are dell laptops good quality and good value for money? Dell laptops are generally considered to be good quality and a good value for the features offered. A Dell laptop may or not be ideal for you, depending on your computing needs, and there are several Dell laptops to choose from. Determining your needs, comparing different laptops, and reading reviews from professionals and consumers will help you to make the best choice. Where do video gaming websites get their information from? probally if it was the companies website that amke the games wouldn’t they know about the video games they make Where can one purchase new laptops for cheap? Newegg is a great site for cheap laptops, and they make it easy to compare prices and features.

Amazon is also a good choice for finding inexpensive laptops. Does gateway make good laptops? They make fantastic computers/laptops. I am on one now, and the come for a good price, too. I got a 15.6 inch laptop with Windows 7 for $536 dollars. I am very satisfied with my purchase… Good for mid-range average computing. What are some was a consumer make reports on a laptop? There are many companies and websites that offer consumer reports on various laptops.

Some of these companies that offer consumer reports are Consumer Reports and Notebook Review.

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