“And I really welcome that

(CBS News) It may have been the most difficult thing she’s ever done, but Margaret Cho says she would love to return to the dance floor.

In fact, she’s campaigning for it.

This fall, ABC will launch a “Dancing With the Stars” all-star season, and Cho wants in.

“It’s the hardest experience I think I had in show business,” Cho told CBSNews.com about her 2010 “Dancing With the Stars” stint. “And I really welcome that. It’s wonderful to be challenged in a new way.”

Eliminated third in season 11, Cho is anxious to put her ballroom dance shoes back on.

“I just think it’s fun, and I like to get really into the world of ballroom dance,” she said. “It’s a really competitive world but it’s also really phenomenal and really beautiful. And I love the dancers. I think that the environment of the show is so intense and scary — and you get paid a lot of money.”

Cho recently told the “The View” she received $200,000 for competing on the series.

The actress/comedienne not only loves to dance, but she also enjoys flexing her vocal muscles.

In 2010, she released the album, “Cho Dependent.” The collection, which features appearances by Ani DiFranco and 토토사이트 Grant Lee Phillips, earned a Grammy nomination for best comedy album.

The San Francisco native has teamed up with other music artists and is currently in the midst of putting together a new album of duets.

“It’s a lovely thing to be able to go into the music world,” she said. “I have a good singing voice and I have a good understanding of songwriting and a good education in songwriting from all these people I have been working with.”

In addition to her Lifetime show, “Drop Dead Diva,” Cho is cooking up another series, dubbed “Blind Dinner Party,” for The Food Network.

“You have eight different people who have very different points of view — both political and social and every different class, status,” Cho said. “They make a dish that represents themselves and bring it to this party, and I’m the moderator. It’s really amazing to see all these people with such different backgrounds and different points of view get together and share food.”

Watch Cho’s interview with CBSNews.com below:

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