DHAKA, Bangladesh Just a few hours before he was arrested in an FBI sting operation, a Bangladeshi man accused of trying to blow up New York’s Federal Reserve building calmly spoke via Skype with his parents back home and updated them on his studies, his family told The Associated Press. They were stunned Thursday morning to find out that the banker’s son from a middle-class Dhaka neighborhood was accused of trying carry out a terror attack. They denied he could have been involved. More in Terrorism in the U.S. “My son couldn’t have done it,” his father, Quazi Ahsanullah, said weeping. “My brother may have been a victim of a conspiracy,” said Fariel Bilkis. The FBI arrested 21-year-old Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis on Wednesday after he tried to detonate a fake 1,000-pound car bomb, according to a criminal complaint.

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