“Every night that the show started was kind of a new day,” Dion said, referring to the title of her Las Vegas concert extravaganza

“He’s got to share his mom and dad most of the time when we go out,” the 39-year-old singer said Monday on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

“So right away, it is different,” she said. “And that’s why he doesn’t want to go out a lot. I notice that he always wants to stay home.”

Dion, 39, is married to Rene Angelil, 논산출장업소 who has managed her career since she was a teenager. The couple were wed in 1994.

Dion said performing in the same venue has given her “stability and a comfort zone,” but she still struggles with being away from her son when she’s doing the show.

She said the nearly five years she has spent performing in Las Vegas have been exciting, demanding and – despite her initial fears, never boring.

“You know the crowd and the people there is different every night, to start with,” Dion told Winfrey. “Nights you don’t feel so good, you go on, they give you the energy you need.

“Every night that the show started was kind of a new day,” Dion said, referring to the title of her Las Vegas concert extravaganza. She added: “It was natural, I had to say it!”

Her new album, “Taking Chances,” was due in stores Tuesday.

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Raul Castro and the Iranian president also held a late-night meeting Wednesday, discussing bilateral relations and world events. “We have common positions on many things,” Ahmadinejad said. “We have been, are and will be together one with the other.” Ahmadinejad took no questions about tensions between his country and Washington over Iran’s nuclear program, and did not comment on the assassination Wednesday of a nuclear scientist working at Iran’s main uranium enrichment facility.
Iran’s government blamed the killing on Israel, the U.S. and Britain. The U.S. denied involvement. Ahmadinejad began his Latin America tour shortly after Washington imposed tougher sanctions on Tehran over the nuclear program. He spent less than 24 hours in Cuba, following visits to Venezuela and Nicaragua. In Ecuador, Ahmadinejad got a bear hug from President Rafael Correa, who last received the Iranian president during his 2007 inauguration and visited Tehran the following year. The two dined at the presidential palace and waved to hundreds of Ecuadorean from its balcony, where a big Iranian flag flew. The Iranian president thanked Correa for his solidarity and said that “the era of imperialism and global arrogance are exhausted.” The president of Quito’s chamber of commerce, Blasco Penaherrera, criticized the visit, calling the foreign policy of Ecuador’s leftist president irresponsible. “It’s going to make it much more difficult to make progress with our principal market, the United States,” he said. Iran opened an embassy in Ecuador in 2008. Trade between the two nations has been meager.

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