The Nickelodeon special, called “Teen Nick HALO Awards”, will air on on Nov|6, 2011 at 8 p.m|The stars surprise the award winners with a cash prize and a chance to hang out with the celebrity that strongly supports their cause|She started a mentoring program called Sista2Sista in order to help young girls stay on the right path|FundAField, started by Kyle Weiss and his brother, raises money to build soccer fields in developing countries in Africa, a cause that was close to Beckham’s heart|for his disaster relief efforts|Rigal was forced to switch schools because she was teased about her weight|ET/PT on Nickelodeon}

(CBS/AP) Teen Nick is honoring teens who have made a difference in their communities with the help of some high profile celebrities like Taylor 블랙 잭 게임 Swift, Lady Gaga, Jessica Biel and David Beckham.

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Vice President Al Gore’s Current TV media venture, were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for illegal entry and engaging in “hostile acts” after their arrest in March 2009 near the Chinese border
The State Department told CBS News’ State Dept
According to WXPI in Pittsburgh, Pa., police say that Acosta was not supposed to be at the Pittsburgh Convention Center during the “American Idol” auditions last week. When asked to vacate the premises, the report states she “refused to leave and became combative.” Acosta is being charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. Acosta admitted to ABC affiliate WTAE in Pittsburgh that she has been traveling to various cities and attempting to audition for the show, and it’s her dream to make it as a singer. “I have a stack this big of airline tickets,” Acosta said to WTAE. “I’ve been to California everywhere. I’ve been to Texas. I’ve been to Arizona. St. Louis. I’ve been to Denver, Colo., here, New York — I can keep going.” The “American Idol” hopeful told both Pittsburgh stations the police report is wrong. She admitted to being questioned by security at the audition, but says one member of the staff told her she was not trespassing and went upstairs to clear the matter. According to Acosta, she was arrested after that person left. She also strongly denies the claim in the police report that she said, “I’m not leaving, this is my dream, my life is ruined.” “I said, ‘I wasted almost $10,000 this summer traveling.’ I’m pretty much broke until I work this weekend,” she told WTAE. “I think it’s going to be better anyways. Christina Aguilera (a ‘Voice’ judge) is from here, so I’d like to compare myself to her, and I love her,” Acosta said to WTAE.

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