The Nickelodeon special, called “Teen Nick HALO Awards”, will air on on Nov|6, 2011 at 8 p.m|The stars surprise the award winners with a cash prize and a chance to hang out with the celebrity that strongly supports their cause|She started a mentoring program called Sista2Sista in order to help young girls stay on the right path|FundAField, started by Kyle Weiss and his brother, raises money to build soccer fields in developing countries in Africa, a cause that was close to Beckham’s heart|for his disaster relief efforts|Rigal was forced to switch schools because she was teased about her weight|ET/PT on Nickelodeon}

메이저카지노※골드카지노㉾®해외정식온라인카지노(CBS/AP) Teen Nick is honoring teens who have made a difference in their communities with the help of some high profile celebrities like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, 온라인카지노 Jessica Biel and David Beckham.

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